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Loan borrowing can be a hassling and time consuming procedure. At Loan Today we understand how important it is to meet your emergencies quickly. Thus, we have simplified loan finding procedure so that you can get hold of the money you need by trustworthy lender. Avail our comparison services and you will no longer have to browse through the number of lenders in person and stand in queue. Register with us today!

We are not a lender but an intermediary. Simply send us your loan request and we will share it with the lenders in our network. We will try to connect you with a lender capable of helping you with your cash needs. To make your search easy we have made easy comparison tool and loan calculators available. All our services are offered for free of charges.

All lenders in our network have made approval process quick and easy. But ahead of taking a decision make sure that you carefully review the loan agreement and then sign it. The loan agreement will give you detailed information about the repayment tenure, fee, interest charges and APR of the loan deal.

No matter where in Canada you reside, if you can confirm about permanent employment status and hold a valid checking account, you will be considered as eligible to apply. Lenders are going to run credit checks and verify the information you provide ahead of considering your loan request. Once approved, you can get the cash deposited directly into your bank account. Repayment should be taken with equal responsibility.

At Loan Today you can reach us at any time and for any purpose. If you still have any queries or need any further information contact us. But since we are not involved in lending, you should direct your queries related to loan borrowing to your lender.

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